The Mission

I want Queens of Eve to be a place that women think of when faced with a womens health issue. Meet other women, be inspired by other women. Share stories, read stories, build a positive empire that we can use to make the difference that the world needs when it comes to women’s health. We are stronger in numbers and therefore stronger together.
All women are Queens.


The Creator

It would be my absolute dream to have Queens of Eve as my own business one day. I want to make a huge positive change to the women’s health industry. I have so many ideas I want to share and it’s the most rewarding feeling to be helping so many other people in similar positions.

I have gynaecological letters dating back to 2011, with my main issues starting around 2014. I can’t believe that even into this year, I am still yet looking for a proper diagnosis. For women out there who feel at the end of their tether, please know I understand, and I am in it too.


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