Why you might want to consider vaginal moisturising

Moisturise? Your…vagina? Really? Definitely not a part of the standard beauty routine but 100% should be. I feel like at first thought a lot of people may think this title is strange, or the thought of doing this is bizarre. But why? Why is it weird to simply look after a part of your body?

You moisturise everywhere else, why leave out your downstairs?

Your vagina/vulva whichever wording you would like to use (talking about the external part, NOT internal) is skin. What do you put moisturiser on? Skin! There is nothing weird or strange about doing this and it’s actually really important for a few reasons that we are going to discuss.

In general, from washing (please just use water, no shower gels etc) your vagina will naturally become dry. Notice that you get dry hands from washing them too often? Get dry skin after a shower? Your vagina will be suffering too! Keep the skin hydrated and healthy by using a specialised intimate moisturiser that won’t affect your vaginal pH balance, as this could cause further issue.

There is actually proof that daily moisturising can improve the hydration and elasticity of the vaginal tissue, which can also be a great thing for those who suffer from general irritation, painful sex, chaffing or vaginal dryness (menopause stage mostly). The moisturiser can provide a protective layer and it goes without saying that sufficient lubrication will help with friction during intercourse. Friction and rubbing can also happen with your clothing and underwear, and again moisturising the area can help relieve discomfort.

Lichen Sclerosus

Lichen Sclerosus is a vaginal condition I will speak about within it’s own post, however again those of you who suffer from Lichen Sclerosus or Lichen Planus, or any other condition where the skin is affected, could benefit from daily moisturising to help alleviate symptoms. PLEASE make sure you check with a medical professional before choosing a moisturiser or using anything on your skin.

Which moisturiser should I go for?

When considering a vaginal moisturiser it is so important to look for natural based product. Any harsh or chemical/alcohol containing ingredients are only going to further aggravate the skin. Avoid anything with fragrance and stick to non scented product, fragrances are key for causing pH imbalances and triggering conditions like thrush or bacterial vaginosis. I personally use the natural based intimate moisturiser from Sylk and would definitely recommend, however please talk to a medical professional before using any new product.

Image source: www.instagram.com/goodcleanlove

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