Meet Danielle: Hyperprolactinemia and Pituitary

The gorgeous Danielle suffers from a condition that I myself wasn’t yet aware of. I am so proud of her for sharing her story and it is an amazing way to educate others on conditions that don’t get as much awareness. This is exactly what this website is for.

Danielle knew that something was ‘off’ when she decided to come off the pill and try for a baby. About a month or so later, she started to notice that she was lactating and that her cycle was much later than usual. With hope, she began googling whether it could be early signs of pregnancy, something that she purposely came off the pill in the hopes of becoming.

Future blood tests actually showed that the reason behind her lactation was high levels of prolactin - a hormone produced in the pituitary gland (within the brain) that involves the stimulation of milk production in pregnant women. However, this can also happen to women who are not pregnant, which was sadly the case for Danielle.

Alongside this, what Danielle was experiencing was actually a tumour within the pituitary gland, along with headaches, blurred vision, body pains and losing her periods. The pituitary gland is one of three things that is essential for the menstrual cycle to operate properly. Danielle was put onto medication, a dopamine drug, to shrink the tumour and to bring her prolactin levels down. The medication helped with these areas, however left Danielle feeling terrible and anxious to a level of not wanting to leave the house.

A year later Danielle felt more positive about things, the condition is manageable but she has had to alter a lot of things in her life and change her lifestyle in order for this to happen. It’s extremely difficult to be able to remain headstrong when you are suffering from a condition that has little knowledge or research, not knowing what to google or what to do to keep things, or make things, better. The hyperprolactinemia is also the reason behind Danielle’s absence of periods, and therefore meaning infertility. As women we know just how horrible it is to try and cope with this, especially at a time in your life when you are wanting and trying for children.

Danielle is still currently under doctor visits and recent referrals to try and explain new symptoms that she experiences and whether this has any connection with the tumour or if this is something else.

Danielle actually has her own blog, at so you can keep up to date with her journey there! Send her all your love.

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